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The Completo

One of the things that horrifies me most about Chilean cuisine is their love for mayonnaise. According to Wikipedia, Chile in the 3rd highest world consumer of mayonnaise per capita. Scary thought, I know.

This fact is no better illustrated than the completo, a ubiquitous hot dog with any topping you can imagine available everywhere here in Chile. The toppings vary, but it is always finished off with a huge squirt of mayo. GROSS!


That big yellow-ish blob on the top? That’s right, it’s mayo! There are so many toppings on this particular one that you can’t even see the hot dog below. Under the mayo is mashed avocado, diced tomato, diced onion, and then finally the hot dog. I scraped most of the mayo off and shared it with a friend and it was still too much mayo for me.