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Llama Kabobs


Yes, dear readers (not that there are many of you at this point), llama meat can in fact be eaten. I have not eaten many odd meats (I would do very poorly on the Omnivore’s 100), but the opportunity presented itself to try llama and I figured I might as well.

We were in the tiny desert town of Machuca, Chile, somewhere between San Pedro de Atacama and the Tatio Geysers and pretty much the only business in this town is the llama kabobs. Tour buses stop there, so there is a steady flow of people, and this town was the first place in the world I saw one of the $100 laptops in use.


The flavor of llama meat can’t really be compared to anything I had eaten before, it is a red meat so there were obviously some similarities to beef, but the flavor and texture were incredible. It wasn’t nearly as gamey as I was expecting and the flavor had some amazing, indescribable quality. Sorry I’m not being more descriptive here, I have a relatively untrained palate.


While I really enjoyed the whole experience, it was a little odd to be eating llama meat within view of live llamas. I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.