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Supreming a Grapefruit


Supreming is a technique used to cut citrus for garnish in a way that removes all of the pith/membrane and leaves only the flesh. Used typically on desserts and salads, it is a pretty but wasteful way to use citrus. However, I decided to practice my knife skills and give supreming a grapefruit a try. Please pardon the poorly lit pictures, it was early and the grapefruit was destined to be my breakfast.


First you must cut away the skin, removing as much of the white pith along with it. The pith is unsightly on a supremed citrus wedge, but it is also somewhat bitter.


Next, cut in between each of the segment dividers and remove as much of the flesh while maintaining a perfect wedge shape and not including any membrane. Remove seeds as necessary, but do your best to maintain the wedge shape of the original section. Repeat for the whole grapefruit,, being careful to not accidentally cut two wedges into one.

Chances are slim that I will ever actually need to supreme citrus for garnish (I really don’t cook anything that fancy), but it is nice to know that it is something I am capable of and to be able to demonstrate how relatively easy it is!