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Asian Grocery Adventures: Fruit Edition

To complete the trifecta of posts on my adventure to the local asian specialty grocery, I give you fruit! There was a great mix of both your standard fruits and your stand-out beauties.


DSC_0037 Some lovely speckled nectarines

DSC_0038 Gorgeous persimmons!

DSC_0040Citrus galore!

DSC_0041At the time I didn’t know what these were, however, now I do! QUINCE!

DSC_0029And this little beauty. Any ideas on what this is?


Asian Grocery Adventures: Seafood Edition

As a continuation of the lovely veggies I showed you guys last week (Thanks Ben for telling me it’s a bitter melon!), I thought I would show you some of the seafood wonders to be beheld at the same grocery store.


I had never seen such complete (head, eyes, antennae) shrimp uncooked before!


DSC_0017 Fighting crabs!



Freeze dried anchovies! I personally am more a fan of freeze dried fruit, but to each their own.

Asian Grocery Adventures: Vegetable Edition

There are a few big Asian grocery stores in the suburbs of the town where I grew up. When home for winter break last year I took a little field trip to take in the wonders. Here is what I saw in the veggie department:

red hot!
DSC_0007 Peppers of every imaginable shape, color, and level of spice.

DSC_0005 Symmetric stacks of scallions (try to say that 5 times fast)!

DSC_0009Skinny Thai eggplant



And two things I couldn’t identify:
DSC_0011 Does anyone know what this is?

What about this?DSC_0013