One of the great things about having friends that travel interesting places is that they bring you foodie gifts from where they go! In this case I got some amazing spices from Africa, courtesy of a friend who studied abroad in Kenya and Tanzania! From the top going clockwise there are bay leaves, turmeric, cinnamon sticks, cloves, peppercorns, and vanilla beans. I am such a lucky girl, now I get to dream up what to do with them!



One response to “Spices!

  1. Well…turmeric plus peppercorn plus cinnamon might boost a good curry.

    And Bay leaf plus clove in onion plus peppercorn makes a nice stock addition.

    And cinnamon (cracked with your rolling pin) plus a split, scraped vanilla bean can infuse sugar syrup or cream with deliciousness and then you can use either on in some yummy application (ice cream, pudding, as an unexpected cream for coffee, as the sugar in a meringue, as the sweetener in a poached pear recipe…).

    If it was me, some of those cloves would be stuck in an orange to make a pomander. I love clove pomanders hanging in the closet.

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