Blood Sausage

This past Wednesday I had a new culinary experience. I tried blood sausage for the first time. Yes, blood sausage. It wasn’t as bad as I had been expecting, in fact I rather enjoyed it with the exception of the very thick casing that was possibly made of intestines. The meat had good flavor and did not taste like blood (my only experience is from sucking on paper cuts and other small injuries), no metallic flavor at all.


Yes, I know it seems gross, but as someone who is interested in food I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. What odd food have you eaten lately? Have you ever tried blood sausage?


3 responses to “Blood Sausage

  1. I used to eat blood pudding (the name my French Canadian relatives used) when I was little. I remember liking it – and haven’t tasted it in years… thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. I tried it once (at a Uruguayan wedding) and wasn’t bowled over. It was sort of liver-y. I like pate, but straight liver is too much.

    On the other hand, sweetbreads done the Uruguayan way were excellent – they grilled them but it tasted as if they had been fried, and they were doused in lemon juice. It was a lot like eating a croquette with a breading and lemon sauce.

  3. Alex, you are very brave. I would never be able to have something like that.

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