Asian Grocery Adventures: Vegetable Edition

There are a few big Asian grocery stores in the suburbs of the town where I grew up. When home for winter break last year I took a little field trip to take in the wonders. Here is what I saw in the veggie department:

red hot!
DSC_0007 Peppers of every imaginable shape, color, and level of spice.

DSC_0005 Symmetric stacks of scallions (try to say that 5 times fast)!

DSC_0009Skinny Thai eggplant



And two things I couldn’t identify:
DSC_0011 Does anyone know what this is?

What about this?DSC_0013


4 responses to “Asian Grocery Adventures: Vegetable Edition

  1. That last veggie is bitter melon, so called because it contains natural quinine. Cheers.

  2. actually, both are bittermelons, just different varieties. We like the smooth skinned ones because they are less bitter. We stir-fry it with black bean and ground pork. Recently we ate some bittermelon that was stir-fried with egg yolks that were hard-boiled and crumbled. Quite interesting!

  3. The second last veg with the rugged finish is Bitter Gourd. Like the name suggests, it’s awfully bitter and somewhat of an acquired taste. It’s very nutritious, but I still won’t eat it. The only way I could tolerate them would be when they’re deep fried or batter fried – this makes them crunchy. A good evening snack.

  4. I bought 2 vegetables today from an asian supermarket, thinking I would be able to find them in a cook book, or on the internet….wishful thinking. I can not find either anywhere! Round Dodi and a Taryi. Do you have any suggestions on how I can cook them please, before they start going fusty?

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